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KingSett Capital

Toronto-Dominion Centre, TD Bank Tower
66 Wellington Street West, P.O. Box 163
Suite 4400
Toronto, Ontario
M5K 1H6

For CREIF Investor Relations, please contact

Tel: 416.687.6700
Fax: 416.687.6701

Executive Team

Jon E. Love Managing Partner 416.687.6788
Anna Kennedy Partner and Chief Financial Officer 416.687.6714
Rob Kumer Partner, Investments 416.687.6787
Jim Hewitt Partner, Portfolio Management 416.687.6710
Joe Mazzocco Partner, Investments 416.687.6786


Colin Baryliuk Vice President, Investments 416.687.6780
Charles Blue Vice President, Real Estate Finance 416.687.6739
Yves Cloutier Vice President, Investments 514.335.3650
Hanif Sachedina Director, Investments 416.687.6781
Matthew Johnson Director, Investments 416.687.6783
Adrienne MacCharles Analyst, Investments 416.687.6782
Joel Aikin Analyst, Investments 416.687.6785
Edan Dotan Analyst, Investments 416.687.6712
Aviel Koganov Analyst, Investments 416.687.6741

Mortgage Investments

Scott Coates Managing Director, Mortgage Investments 416.687.6702
Ernest Licursi Vice President, Mortgage Investments 416.687.6703
Jamie Dysart Director, Mortgage Investments 416.687.6722
Robert Stevens Director, Mortgage Investments 416.687.6728
Yafit Shimoni Loan Underwriter 416.687.6705

Portfolio Management

William (Bill) Logar Vice President, Development 416.687.6711
Paul Vander Schaaf Vice President, Industrial 416.687.6718
Theresa Warnaar Vice President, Retail 416.687.6743
George Geracimo Vice President, Eastern Canada 514.335.3650
Gurd Sanghera Vice President, Urban Properties 416.687.6709
Christian Taylor Director of Development 416.687.6713
Trevor McIntyre Director, Retail 416.687.6746
Ashley Wedlock Director, Urban Properties 416.687.6748
Marie Tatarka Portfolio Manager 416.687.6717
Alexander Dorohoi Analyst, Portfolio Management 416.687.6724

Finance and Administration

My Lam Controller 416.687.6723
Jennifer Splaine Senior Director of Finance 416.687.6745
Kamran Abbasi Senior Director of Finance 416.687.6731
Jennifer Manbahal Director of Finance 416.687.6727
Carman Leung Director of Finance 416.687.6733
Gigi Kao Director of Finance 416.687.6750
Stephan Deziel Manager of Information Technology 416.687.6720
Nabeel Jawed Manager of Finance 416.687.6735
Kandiah Aravinthan Manager of Finance, Properties 416.687.6729
Carolyn Miller Manager of Finance, Properties 416.687.6730
Yen Nguyen-Li Manager of Finance, Properties 416.687.6732
Minh Tran Manager of Finance 416.687.6725
Kevin Griffith Income Fund Accountant 416.687.6716
Ashwani Plaha Manager of Finance, Properties 416.687.6736
Louie Spano-Greco Manager of Finance, Properties 416.687.6742
Michael Ishmael Senior Property Accountant 416.687.6738
Dianne Wilson Senior Property Accountant 416.687.6706
Tammy Thai Corporate Accountant 416.687.6726
Ethelene Dowling Corporate Accountant 416.687.6737
Kathryn Anderson Executive Assistant 416.687.6707
Kathy Fisher Executive Assistant 416.687.6734
Karen Berkeley Executive Assistant 416.687.6715
Loraine Digby Executive Assistant 514.335.3650
Shannon Reid Administrative Assistant 416.687.6708
Elaine Clancy Administrative Assistant 416.687.6740