Making investment decisions with a positive impact

Pursuing sustainability in our own operations and across our portfolio is critical to KingSett’s long-term success and creates stronger returns for our investors.

Our Sustainability Vision

To deliver premium risk weighted returns, KingSett embraces a vision that focuses on making investment decisions with a positive future impact and executing sustainable operational strategies to improve our tenants’ long-term needs and performance.

Through a formal sustainability policy and program, KingSett sets specific, measurable goals using key performance indicators. These enable us to integrate sustainability considerations into our business planning and decision making processes. We identify, assess and manage environmental risks associated with our operations across the lifecycle. Throughout, we build relationships with other stakeholders. Our activities comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. In the interest of transparency, we prepare this annual report summarizing our sustainability activities.

KingSett will invest responsibly in sustainability enhancements to provide premium, risk-weighted returns. Our long term hold assets will be examples of sustainable real estate excellence.

  • Investors can count on us to make innovative investment decisions that have a positive impact on the future
  • Our experienced team will put progressive development and operations strategies into practice every day
  • Tenants can expect us to provide prudent, creative solutions that meet their needs and satisfy their customers

Implementing Sustainability

To deliver results for investors, KingSett is implementing its sustainability vision by integrating efficiency benchmarking in our business planning, capital investment, risk management and due diligence processes. KingSett is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year we have achieved a five-star "Green Star" rating in our GRESB submission. KingSett continues to strive for higher levels of Environmental, Social and Governance performance. We also anticipate regulatory change and customer demand with a comprehensive sustainability program that includes:

  • Director Sustainability Icon

    Sustainability Manager

    Creation of a sustainability position on our management team

  • Performance Tracking Icon

    Performance Tracking

    Establishment of a key performance indicator tracking system

  • Supporting Renewable Energy Icon

    Supporting Renewable Energy

    Purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for 100% of our CREIF assets to support renewable energy

  • Energy Audits In Acquisition Icon

    Energy Audits in Acquisition

    Use of energy audits as part of acquisition due diligence process

2018 Highlights

  • 2%Reduction in energy
    use intensity
  • 3%Reduction in water
    use intensity
  • 58%Waste diversion rate
    from landfill
  • Image for GRESB